Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day Two-Only 23,789 days of diet left!

Day Two.....only 23,789 days of diet left. That's over 65 years. Ya know....If I can live another 65 years by dieting every day.....I probably would DO that. I'd be 120 years old and I can live long enough to enter my second childhood and treat my kids the way they treated me when they were in their FIRST childhood.

Really, though, it is worth it. As I said last fall, almost all of my health issues would go away if I could lose 50 pounds. My goal is to reach around 185 pounds, but I would be happy with 200. So....I use the idea of being a drain on my children as one more reason to stick with what I am doing. The next time I get the munchies, I will think of Stephen and Matthew fighting in the back seat of our blue second-hand suburban on the way home from school. Instant loss of hunger! Thanks, guys!

The bubble on the scale was just to the left of center this morning, so that means I did lose just a little bit. Way to go, Me! Now if I can just keep it up.

I continue to learn. Donna fixed salmon croquettes for supper and I checked the can just for fun. A serving of salmon from the can is 90 calories. Ok, that's good, right? But that's not the whole story. A CAN of salmon (14.75 ounces) has 7 servings. That means that a serving of these croquettes is one and a half patties if the patties are the size of a half of a golf ball. Wow. I'm an old country boy. I'm used to eating a little more than that. Of course, maybe that's why I am the size that I am now!

I guess if everybody ate what the packages say is a serving, we would all be skinny simply because the servings are so small that I would call them survival rations!

Stay tuned. In the near future, we will explore a new exercise machine, a spreadsheet that helps me keep track of how much I eat, a reference to Buda, and plenty more picking on my kids!

Thanks for joining me on my journey. Remember, I invite you to share this experience with me, especially if YOU need to lose some weight. What do you have to lose, except some FAT!


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  1. I'll join you! I'm all for having a contest, too! :)