Friday, January 29, 2010

The Buda Belly

Wanna know what is REALLY disgusting and helps MAKE me get stay on this "weight loss" thing? Bear in mind, this will probably paint a picture in your mind that you may never forget. Of YOURSELF, not me.

While visiting with my granddaughter Lucy (who just happens to have chosen to allow Stephen and Brigette to raise her) in Wisconsin for several days, I naturally had to go to the bathroom. They live in a small duplex (as is befitting a new youth minister and his family) and they have a tiny bathroom. To save space, they placed their full-length mirror behind the towel rack to hold it in place. This just happens to be just across from the commode. And since the bathroom is small, this mirror is approximately 24 inches from you as you sit and do your duty! I think you know where this is headed.

The first time you sit down to "make a deposit", you find yourself face-to-face with......yourself.

Now, sitting is NOT the most flattering position for exhibiting your normally covered mid-section. Standing is not great when you have an abundance of "love handles", but sitting just "accentuates" the obvious.

So, here I am, sitting, looking BELLY!

Thanks, Stephen and Brigette, for allowing me to see my belly button peaking out like a Joey on a mother kangaroo!!! Not a pretty sight!

Now, THAT MEMORY helps me out a lot!!!

I'm sorry for the "mental visual". I hope you can get over it and sleep at night.


I'm also sorry for not posting last night. We had our Central Texas Beekeepers meeting (of which I am the president) and Matthew came down to video tape our speakers. We got in at 9:30 and spent part of the night visiting.

Anyway, yesterday morning the scale read 251. That's a total loss of 1.5 pounds. I guess I did OK Wednesday.

And this morning the scale read 250.

Buda is WORKING!!!!

More later!


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