Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The devistating effect of LEFTOVERS!!!

Look, just because you leave "Grandma's House" doesn't mean she stops having an effect on you.

Just to make sure that she "keeps you in her clutches", she sends you LEFTOVERS!!!

And she WILL know if you don't eat them.

Potato salad!

Pimento cheese spread!

Chicken salad spread!

Deviled Steak!

The only smart thing I did was refuse to bring home any evil deserts. With names like Death By Chocolate, you can imagine how good they tasted!!!

Anyway.....since we are now 4 days after Easter (we had our big meal on Saturday) and the food is getting a little old, of course I HAVE to eat it all up before it spoils!!!

So, while I have lost a couple of pounds, I have also been "visiting" Grandma's house for lunch.

And it's still good. At least it TASTES good!!!

I have managed to mow the lawn for an hour (one day).

So my goals for tomorrow:
1) Get rid of any leftover food in the fridge.
2) Get rid of any leftover food in the fridge without EATING IT!!!
3) Mow the lawn for an hour.
4) Take the trash out so I don't get the Pimento Cheese spread in the zip lock bag out the trash and eat it for lunch!

Well, you get the idea.

Here's to hoping I can get back to normal tomorrow!


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  1. One of the great weight loss surgery lessons I have learned is when you are done eating, and you know you aren't going to have the control to stop eating. Either immediately put it in the fridge, or dump salt all over it. Huge gross amounts of salt.... that will break the cycle quickly!
    Best of luck!