Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finally! I found a good use for telemarketers!

Yesterday was a good day in life. Not so good a day in weight loss. Still at 248.5. Maybe the superglue is too strong.

I vowed to exercise more. So after a breakfast of cooked oats (it's still OK. Not as good as it was last week.) I climbed on the exercise bicycle. Headed to nowhere. Three minutes in and just about to hit the time warp in the upstairs bedroom when the phone rings. Stop riding and climb off and answer the phone. Some guy from Austin wants to know if I take care of my septic tank and if so what do I use! WHAT? I said, "Oh, for crying out loud" and hung up.

After I climbed back on the bicycle, I realized that it was like starting over. That two minutes was a nice rest and I was able to go another ten minutes. Soooo, I guess that telemarketers DO serve some purpose. Now if I can just schedule one to call at 5 minutes into my exercise, I can live with that.

Anyway, breakfast was 200 calories. Lunch was 1 1/2 cups of Donna's soup. Estimate 400 calories. I had a snack around 4 of "53 pieces" of peanuts. 160 calories.

In the evening I had to run to College Station to pick up some queens. No, I don't know any guys that dress up as women. And if I did I wouldn't tell you! These are real bee queens that I am going to use to "de-throne" some of the ladies in my hives that are being lazy. Now if we can just get some clear days without rain so I can perform the be-headings. On the way back I got really hungry so I ate another "53 pieces" of peanuts (I REALLY did count them out. They last longer that way.) so add another 160 calories.

Supper was 2 cups of Donna's soup. (It's getting on in age and if I don't eat it, it will just go to the dogs. Besides, as she was making it, she grabbed cayenne pepper instead of regular pepper and when she "shook" it in, the lid came off and it got REALLY spicy REALLY fast. Just the way I like it.) Estimate 500 calories.

I also rode the bicycle another 5 minutes in the afternoon. (Hey, you don't want to overdo it!)

So, 1400 calories for the day and 17 or so minutes on the bicycle.

Overall, except for not loosing much weight, this hasn't been so bad. I think my body is getting used to less calories because I'm not as hungry as I used to get. Of course, it may be that I'm not counting my calories correctly. But my aim is to get on the bicycle more often.

Oh, where are the telemarketers when you need them?

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