Monday, October 12, 2009

Little Bo Peep's Calories

Well, some of Little Bo Peep's calories found their way home and added that 1/2 pound back on. I was at 248.5 this morning. I thought I closed the gate so they couldn't get back in.

I blame it on Rod Leer. If you don't know Rod, he's my former boss who asked me to take photos at his parent's 50th anniversary yesterday. They had a good old fashioned polish Catholic brunch at church. As I left, he loaded my arms up with the most AWFUL kalotches and Cinnamon rolls and cheese rolls. I mean, they were just terrible. Just like MOST country cooking is. I HAD to take it. His sisters made it and I wasn't about to offend them by not accepting. And when I got home, I ate as much as I could so Donna wouldn't have to eat any of it.

So....I blame Rod for my gain.

Today I started with my usual breakfast at appx. 200 calories. Lunch was a salad (35 calories), a bowl of beans (150 calories), and a piece of cheese between two corn tortillas (200 calories). 385 calories.

For supper we had a skillet supper that Donna made with sliced up baked potatoes, some chopped up brisket and some kidney beans. I'm not sure but I estimate approximately 500 calories.

Total for the day is 1085. I did take a couple of bites of Rod's evil pastries, so I guess I can add 200.

The trouble is...I didn't exercise so I don't think I will make much progress in the morning.

More tomorrow.

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