Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good Beans! Good Chili!!!

Great pot of beans. Of course....I cheated a little bit.

I seldom make a pot of beans that tastes the same time after time. I generally add sausage or meat or whatever else I can find in the refrigerator that sounds good.

At the same time, the beans that are made at the annual Chicken supper at my little home church are what I am used to as "beans" and are just what I want. Unfortunately I can't make mine taste like that. the chicken supper where they make 30 gallons of beans, I get them to save the juice that they would throw away. I put the juice in 1/2 gallon containers and freeze it. When I make beans, I cook the beans plain and then add the juice. Whalla! Chicken Supper beans that I like!

And, of course, since I don't know EXACTLY what they put in the bean juice and since it is liquid like water......I just figure it as water and CAN'T count the calories!!!

I guess I need to be in "creative writing".

Donna made some chili. It was as good as my beans.

I ate a half a bowl of each.

I paid for it later. My stomach was upset and I had to turn down a session in the hot tub so I could go to bed.

So my list for yesterday starts out with something Donna mentioned from work. One morning when you fix oatmeal, fix an extra portion. The next morning take the cold oatmeal and mix it with lite yogurt and some kind of fruit. It's really pretty good. Oats-70 calories. Yogurt-50 calories. 1 large peach-50 calories. Total 170 calories. And Very Good.

Mid morning snack-1/2 apple-35 calories.

Lunch- Sausage & Cheese. Estimate sausage at 150. Estimate cheese at 200. Misc (onion, peeper) at 30. Total for lunch at 380. Total for the day so far...585.

Afternoon snack-peanuts-170 calories. So far...755
Supper was the beans and chili. Beans (Actual beans) 35 calories. Bean juice-estimate at 100 calories. Chili-Estimate at 200 calories. Total for supper at 335 calories.

Total for the day....1090.

I must have missed something. Maybe I'm not counting or remembering very well, but I guess I'll have to leave it that way for now.

Today (Saturday) was kind of weird. I took photos at the Blinn Band Reunion so I started out with a quick breakfast of oatmeal and yogurt with 1/2 apple. Pretty good for the second day. 170 calories.

1/2 apple for snack. 35 calories. Daily total 210.

At lunch I was at the Blinn banquet and I ate very well. I mean....the food was good and I also ate correctly. Beef and Chicken fajitas with a small serving of refried beans and a small serving of rice. Lots of pico de gyo (sp). I estimate 600 calories. So far, 850 calories

I ate three cheese sticks when I got home. 250 calories. So far, 1100,

Supper was individual frozen pizzas. The box said 400 calories per serving. We topped it with pineapple. 25 calories. Total for supper 425 calories.

Total for the day...1425 calories.

Things are going great. I'm not that hungry and I have been fairly active. Donna and I walked a mile this afternoon in the cool weather and it felt great. I didn't exercise yesterday but I did shoot the Little Cub Cheerleaders in the rain and cold and wind. I squatted down quite a bit and my upper legs are sooooo sore today that I KNOW I exercised a little.

Now if I can just figure out how to get that superglue out of the scale, I bet I'll have lost 10 or 15 pounds at lest. We'll see in the morning!

Thanks for following me. I realize that all the "calories this" and "calories that" is not the most exciting thing to read about, but maybe you will enjoy drooling over my descriptions of all the food that I am preparing.

More tomorrow.


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