Friday, October 16, 2009

Wow! God put airconditioning outside!!!

Finally. Some cool weather. I love the cold. I know it means that things outside will be slowing down, but "for everything there is a season". I will miss being able to spend evenings outside and I will certainly miss working with the bees as much. But sleeping in the cold is one of my favorite activities.

Maybe the cold weather is a good sign of things to come. I was down again this morning. 247. That's 3 pounds in 10 days. It seems real slow for me on a daily basis but that is still ahead of what I want for an average.

Yesterday I had the "old man" oats for breakfast with 1/2 cup light yogurt and 1/2 peach. 250 calories.

Lunch was in a hurry since I worked bees in the morning and was late for an appointment in town so that was 3 pieces of supper sausage (150), a piece of cheese (110) and the other half of peach (50). A total of 310.

Afternoon was a "53 piece" snack. I get the "red skin" peanuts and after all 53 pieces are gone, you look down in the 1/4 cup container and see all of those pieces of skin and you think....."hey, that's technically part of my snack so you use your tongue to try to get them all out and then you act like Lucy on one of her episodes with Tennessee Ernie Ford where she is playing poor and uses her finger to try to dab up every little last piece of potato.

Supper was a "drive through" baked potato with bar-b-que and cheese. Probably 500 calories. That makes a total of 1060. Oh, ya, I forgot. Donna brought home a left-over piece of Red Velvet cake. I had three bites. I don't even want to think about how many calories were in THAT. I am proud, though, that I only ate three bites.

I didn't ride the bicycle but I did work with the bees for about three hours. That involve a lot of lifting and walking and I was pretty tired after that so I am counting that as my exercise.

Praise God for all that He has done for me!

More tomorrow.


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