Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Pinto Bean Weather!!!

First cold front of the season. Allll Righttt!!! Time for a big pot of beans.

Fortunately, beans are good for my diet. Fortunately, I LOVE beans. (I think I mentioned that before).

I apologize for not posting yesterday. Someone put superglue on my scale and it read 248.5 yesterday and today. I guess I'll have to take the whole thing apart and see where it is stuck.

It has been too long since I posted to remember what I ate Wednesday. I remember thinking that it was a little more than before so I imagine it was close to the 1500 calories.

Breakfast yesterday was the cut oats again plus 3 slices of ham. 140 + 30= 170 calories.

Snack was 1/2 of an apple. 50 calories = 220 so far.

For lunch I had lentils and Donna's soup followed by a few spoons of lite vanilla yogurt. 140 + 200 + 50 = 390. 610 so far. (gee, how did that add up so fast?

I confess to a couple of handsfull of peanuts twice during the day. 160 calories = 770 so far.

For supper we had HEB brisket (100 calories? (We bought it and cut it in three pieces and froze it so the wrapper is long gone. I think the calories are low but the fat is high. It's a good thing I'm not counting fat!!!)) boiled potatoes (125 calories) and corn bites (the kind that are fried). I had the equivalent of THREE SERVINGS!!!. My first "can't quit" craving. (Corn- 330 calories. OUCH!) Total for supper- 555 calories. Total for the day....1325. Hum. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

I did walk about three miles.

Now If I can just get the scale unstuck!

Gotta go put on my pot of beans.



  1. And don't forget the chili, too! Better get them all in during the 3 days it gets cold here.

    You may want to check out an online calorie database to get calories for each food - I like

    I've also found that using a food scale is a whole lot easier than counting each peanut and makes it easier to track how much of something you eat. I love mine.

    Way to go!