Thursday, October 15, 2009

A little progress

Well I guess I finally got the superglue out of the scale. It moved a little this morning. 247.5.

I did pretty good yesterday. Oats for breakfast. Plain. I felt like an old man eating his oats. It wasn't too bad. Maybe I AM an old man eating my oats! 160 calories.

Lunch was two cups of Donna's soup. 500 calories. (Yes, it's gone. There was some left but I gave it to the dogs. I guess we got our moneys worth out of that meal.)

I rode the bike for 15 minutes. No telemarketers and not too hard to make that time.

I worked the bees twice. Once to find queens and separate them and then later to install the new queens on three hives. Then I had to start over with three more hives. I'm headed down this morning to finish the second three. So there was a little exercise involved in that. It's too muddy to drive the car down so I had to walk and carry everything.

Supper was a bowl of chili and then a pancake and 2 pieces of bacon. That was quite a combination but that's the way it worked out. I estimate 500 calories.

I managed with no snack so that was good. Around 1200 calories for the day and feeling good.

Well, as my father used to say, "Daylight is burning" so I better get busy.

Onward to see what life is going to bring today. I'll fill you in later.


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